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Naughty Dogs getting new home


Making a critically acclaimed title (that also sold its fair share of units) is one of the best ways to upgrade your digs as a game development studio. Naughty Dog is enjoying just such a reward right now, as the company's blog recently announced a move to a "killer new studio," presumably expanding after the continuing success of last year's Uncharted 2.

ND co-prez Evan Wells said the March 1 move "positions Naughty Dog perfectly to adapt to the demands of developing PlayStation games that continue to raise the bar for our industry for the next decade and beyond ," while main community man Arne Meyer notes, "significant upgrades to help us keep developing cutting-edge, award-winning games" are a big part of the equation. In addition to the neat image you see above, the Dogs have uploaded a photo set of the new space to Flickr, with a promise to keep fans updated via the ND blog. Good luck with the move, folks!

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