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Nokia C6 gets FCC approval, launching at CeBIT?

Chris Ziegler

Say you're Nokia. Well, you can't be Nokia since Nokia's an inanimate concept; say you're Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. What'd be a good show to use as a backdrop for a new low-end line of smartphones, none of which are likely to generate a ton of buzz? Why, the monstrous fairgrounds of CeBIT, of course! There's a bit of creative wording in the official Nokia Conversations newsletter that would seem to indicate the long-rumored Cseries is finally ready to bow:

"Of course, we don't comment on rumours or leaks, but we are looking forward to C BIT for the next series of Nokia announcements. Right we're off to pack our rucksacks and lederhosen, C you there."
Get it? All those "C" references? Yeah, looks like a lock. We don't know what phones will be shown off, but the most likely candidates are the C5 and C6, the latter of which could have some legs as an E72 alternative. Speaking of the C6, it was just approved by the FCC this week, complete with 850, 1900, and 2100MHz 3G -- so don't you worry, AT&T folks, this'll work just fine for you when it launches. Stay tuned, because CeBIT is just days away.

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