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Sentinel's Fate rises to the top of the charts

The EverQuest II players have spoken. The results are in, and the sales of the newest expansion, Sentinel's Fate took the #1 spot in the PC game sales charts for a second week in a row. We'd bet there will be much celebratory battleground playing or virtual pillow-fighting at the Sony Online Entertainment offices today.

The sixth expansion to EverQuest II, Sentinel's Fate is chock full of content, taking players from level 80 to 90. Packed into this expansion are two new overland zones, 15 new dungeons, 400 new quests and over 2,000 new items to check out. There's also some pretty cool armor and 500 station cash to go shopping with as well. Not too shabby.

If you're curious for more details about the expansion, Sera's compiled a great roundup of our coverage. For now, we'll just say grats on the ding, EverQuest II team!

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