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Sony's Tretton 'can't even imagine' what's in store for PS4


We know full well what the PS9 will be capable of, but what of the successor to the PlayStation 3, the PS4? Jack Tretton doesn't seem to know, telling Fast Company that he "can't even imagine what can be done technically beyond the PlayStation 3 in the near future." We'd theorize it involves more high-definitionier graphics than ever before.

Tretton continued to reiterate the same "ten year" message -- the proposed shelf life of the PS3 -- that the Sony team has followed since even before the launch of the system. With 2010 marking the fourth year of the PS3's life cycle, it seems increasingly likely that Sony will stick to that goal. Of course, that's not to say the "PS4" won't ever be realized. We'll see the PS4 "when somebody can craft the technology that exceeds what we're able to do on the PS3," Tretton offered. However, he doesn't expect that eureka moment to come any time soon, adding "we are still just starting to harness [the PS3]."

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