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Soul of the Ultimate Nation unearths Aiort graveyard

The crew over at have just released a new content update for Soul of the Ultimate Nation, and this one has some nice additions for long-time players. The update introduces a new area called the Aiort graveyards, perfect for those level 100 and higher characters. Did I say higher? Yes! That's because this new update also raises the level cap in Soul of the Ultimate Nation to a mind-bending level 115.

Along with the new area and level cap increase, players are being treated to over 150 new quests for players from level 70 on up in places like Etherain, Valley of Dragonkin, the Cursed Tower, and of course within the Aiort graveyards.

Additionally, players will notice two new game mechanic changes in this update as well. The first offers bonuses for creating a family-type group that can help players earn experience even while offline. There's also a new PvP shielding mechanic that will help players survive beat-downs a bit better.

There are other assorted things like new cash shop items, Guild Mark backgrounds, and crafting goodies. If you're curious as to all the details, there's a great writeup on the SUN forums you'll want to check out -- or you could just get in the game and start your adventuring!

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