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EviGroup's Paddle is the more advanced, more expensive Pad (video)

Tim Stevens

Remember the eviGroup Pad, the 10-inch tablet with 3G and a creepy looking AI slave built-in? We won't blame you if you forgot it, but maybe its more advanced cousin will be more memorable. If anything its name will be: Paddle. It's the same basic design as the Pad, a 10-inch keyboard-free tablet with netbook internals, but this one gets a swankier LED-backlit multitouch display along with SSD storage -- though a paltry 32GB max on flash is hardly an upgrade over the 320GB you can get on platters. Also new is an optional WiFi antenna to boost range and a new layer over Windows 7 called Scale that looks a little like being trapped on the inside of a paddlewheel of content (video below). How much would you pay for such decidedly evolutionary steps? For eviGroup's sake hopefully your number is somewhere around €699 ($945), because that's the MSRP when it starts shipping this summer -- a rather steep increase over the (already pricey) €500 Pad.

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