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GRID: Reloaded hits PAL PS3 on March 11, includes two DLC packs


2007's street-based cousin to DiRT is coming back around for another lap, with Codemasters revealing GRiD: Reloaded for PS3 -- a Platinum range bundle set for the PAL-region starting line on March 11. Download codes for both the Prestige and 8-Ball DLC packs will be included in the package, which will retail for £24.99 ($34). An Xbox 360 version is scheduled to arrive later this year.

The 8-Ball DLC pack is currently available on Xbox Live and PSN, and adds two new multiplayer events and eight new cars into the mix. The Prestige pack is new and will be available added to PSN on March 11 for £7.99 ($10.80) -- it adds the Australian Bathurst circuit and ten additional cars. There's no word of when it'll be on Xbox Live.

Codies also revealed that two different game compilation packs are in the works: an Xbox 360 bundle for £29.99 featuring the first DiRT and GRiD (sans DLC packs); and an even cheaper and more content-rich bundle for PC that features DiRT, GRiD and Fuel at £19.99. Both will release to Europe alongside Reloaded on March 11.

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