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Microsoft sending mixed signals on Windows Phone 7 Series upgrades, HTC HD2 still in limbo

Nilay Patel

The fate of the mighty HTC HD2 seems to be getting murkier by the minute: Microsoft UK VP Alex Reeve said last week that an upgrade to Windows Phone 7 Series might be left up to hardware partners, but now Natasha Kwan, General Manager for Microsoft's Asia Pacific Mobile Communications Business says the 1GHz handset "doesn't qualify because it doesn't have the three buttons" required by WP7. Making matters even less clear, we asked Microsoft's Director of Consumer Experiences Aaron Woodman about the HD2 directly on The Engadget Show, and he politely declined to tell us about the device's upgradability, and said that WP7's final required specs would be revealed at MIX '10. We'll be honest: we're taking all this confusion to mean that Microsoft hasn't quite figured out how to say the HD2 is at a dead end just before it launches on T-Mobile US, but hey -- maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised at MIX.

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