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WiiWare Mega Man 10 gets DLC Bass character on April 5; additional DLC detailed


Even though Mega Man 10 includes a playable version of Mega Man 9's Proto Man at no additional cost, Capcom will still offer at least one additional character as premium DLC. Bass, a sort of evil Mega Man character introduced in Mega Man 7 and playable in Mega Man & Bass, will be released as a DLC character for the Wii version of Mega Man 10 on April 5 for 200 Wii Points ($2), according to Nintendo's Mega Man 10 page. A special stage will be available the same day for 300 Points.

An "Endless Attack Mode" will follow for 300 points on April 26, along with two more special stages for 100 Points each. These DLC dates are likely to be different for the other versions of Mega Man 10, if the add-on content is planned for all releases, since the release dates for the actual game are different on other platforms. We're contacted Capcom to verify.

[Via Protodude's Rockman Corner]

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