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Activision: Treyarch's next Call of Duty this fall; pair of Modern Warfare 2 map packs this year


Amid the roar of Call of Duty news today, Activision has confirmed that Treyarch's next entry in the series will be released this fall. Assuming Activision adheres to its thus far rock-solid Call of Duty schedule, a November release seems likely. Whether or not the series will make the rumored move to Vietnam remains unconfirmed.

In other unsurprising Call of Duty news, Activision has confirmed that the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 DLC will consist of multiplayer map packs. The map packs were more or less outed last year, thanks to some loose-lipped energy drink packaging, but Activision hasn't actually confirmed the exact nature of the DLC until now. The first two map packs -- slated to appear first on Xbox Live -- are in development at Infinity Ward. Assuming initial plans haven't been altered by the executive shuffling, the first pack is scheduled to release this spring, while the second is slated for a (presumably later) 2010 release.

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