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MSI and ASUS show off 3D all-in-ones at CeBIT

Joanna Stern

There's no escaping that 3D trend, that's for sure. Both ASUS and MSI are demoing 3D versions of their respective all-in-one PCs here at CeBIT, though both companies say they are just concept models at this point. ASUS' 3D Eee Top wasn't up and running, but there was a pair of NVIDIA-branded glasses next to it which hints that they may be exploring putting 3D Vision into its touchscreen system. We had better luck at MSI, where we got to put on a rather large pair of shades and watch some very happy show-goers play Left 4 Dead in 3D. We're not sure what to make of the 3D in a touchscreen all-in-one thing, but it was pretty cool to just tap the screen to enable some three-dimensional images. Hit the break for a quick video of MSI's 3D Wind Top.

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