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Panasonic G20 HDTV review shows plasma's still got it

Tim Stevens

If you needed more proof that rumors of plasma's demise were greatly exaggerated, just look at Panasonic's latest, the G20. FlatpanelsHD took a 42-inch model fresh out of Panny's massive new plant and ran it through a gamut of tests. The 1080p panel with its 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio blitzed all of them, delivering the infinite viewing angles, deep blacks, and rich colors that are the hallmark of charged gas, and doing so without the annoyance of active cooling fans. That said, the improvements here over the previous G10 series are said to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, with black levels about the same and network functionality little improved, meaning current owners don't need to feel too bad. But, if you don't mind waiting a little longer and paying for the latest and greatest, this looks to be it.

[Thanks, John]

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