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Rare to build new studio in Birmingham, England


Rare announced today that it will soon open a new studio facility in the Digbeth area of Birmingham, England. To be housed in the Fazeley Studios complex, the new studio will serve as a "production, test and usability site to accommodate Rare's evolving methodology in game creation." Rare plans to use the new studio as a model for "change," as the company believes that the current practice of over-staffing studios has caused "a boom and bust cycle." The new studio marks a move to a development method more akin to film studios, and Rare expects the facility to house around 90 staff members, though the number is expected to fluctuate throughout different projects.

The announcement notes that Digbeth's proximity to "several universities and colleges" makes the new facility "ideally placed for recruiting staff." We'd like to point out that Digbeth is also home to several pubs and bars, which should come in handy during crunch time.

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