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Runes of Magic Chapter III to debut at GDC

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Frogster unveiled their next expansion for Runes of Magic back in early February, announcing that Chapter III -- The Elder Kingdoms will be arriving in May. Now we have even better news: if you're planning to attend GDC next week you're going to get a first look at Chapter III.

Frogster announced today that they are planning to give a peek at the first features of The Elder Kingdoms at Game Developers Conference. We know that the expansion will feature a fair amount of new content -- new dungeons, instances, PvP battlegrounds, and more, so it will be interesting to find out what area they choose to show off first.

In addition to a look at the new features, Frogster is promising a surprise for GDC attendees as well: "a new product to expand the RoM universe into a new business field."

That's certainly got our curiosity aroused -- stay tuned to Massively during GDC next week for the full scoop on what Runes of Magic has up their sleeve!

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