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Choose my Adventure: Fallen Earth finale

Shawn Schuster

This being the last week in Fallen Earth for the Choose my Adventure group, we decided to have our own grand finale. Holding true to tradition, we had you vote on the location and type of party this was to be. You ultimately chose to do some zombie hunting in Sector 2's Newton, which really proved to be a good time!

How much of a good time? How does a flaming totem pole made of GMs sound? A flaming GM-kabob, if you will? How about zombie boxing? Yeah, I'd say we had some fun. Check out the gallery below for some of my favorite screenshots taken through the last few weeks in the game and keep reading after the cut for more on our last day in Fallen Earth.

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Now I've done quite a few in-game events in my day, but for some reason, they're always so much more fun when the GMs get involved.

I arrived at the rendezvous point a little before schedule to find two people waiting there already. Knowing that there were still a few minutes left until 9pm, I wasn't too worried yet. A few minutes later, GM Neona showed up and asked if this was the right spot. I had to laugh at that, because I even second-guessed my info for a second. But yes, it was the right spot. We just didn't have a party yet.

Well, we didn't have a party until GM Massive started firing his rocket launcher at Neona from a nearby building. I mean, seriously... it's just not a post-apocalyptic party without some explosions, amirite?

Not too long afterwards, Massive and Neona were joined by GMs Xadrien and El Chosen. I even joked about the GM-to-player ratio at this embarrassingly quiet party. Luckily, Neona had the idea to make an in-game shout about the event, which brought in quite a few more people.

The usual hijinks ensued, including levitating GMs and the previously mentioned GM-kabob. Once there was a fair amount of people in attendance, and the dev-provided XP booster shots were given out, we decided to storm the city and cleanse it of its infected population. This was particularly fun, as most of the infected were around level 11-12, so we were cutting them down quite quickly.

A small group of us took one side of the city while a few others branched out to clear houses or simply scavenge the plentiful scrap nodes all around us. I certainly grabbed a fair share of scrap, myself. My inventory was full within 10 minutes.

We circled back around to see who else had joined us at the original rendezvous point, and noticed an impressive number of people just rolled in from word of mouth and Neona's shout.

I'm always happy to see how these types of events can easily evolve into something so social. People were talking about their armor, sharing wasteland stories or simply taking advantage of the situation to do a bit of roleplaying. The GMs stayed for a good bit of time to chat with the players, and you can bet there was synced Thriller dancing.

As the night rolled on, I found myself running out of ammo for my rifles. Not exactly wanting to craft more (especially being out in the middle of nowhere), I decided to step it up a bit and start punching the infected -- and zombie boxing was born.

Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it! Put that rifle away, save some ammo and take out your frustrations on a footdragger's squishy face. It's fun! So we did that for a while, running around the area, picking fights with the infected who really were just minding their own business. The best part? Ole Gator had no extra points in his melee skill, so it added a bit more of a challenge.

Once the evening's festivities wrapped up a few hours later, it was great to just make time to see some new faces, talk to some new people and have fun with a few of the GMs. It was certainly a great way to end our 8-week adventure.

As I mentioned last week, this will be the last Choose my Adventure for at least a month as the Spring convention season is underway. But don't worry! We'll return in either April or May with more polls and more games!

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