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Darkfall announces special pricing

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Darkfall is approaching its first birthday, and the company is looking to bring some new players into the game.

In February, they introduced a few new features designed to make the game a bit friendlier for new players. New player protection was introduced in order to give players a chance to get their bearings in Darkfall and a seven-day trial came about later in the month, allowing potential fans to take a look around the game.

The latest offer may well tip the scales for those who have been interested in purchasing the game. During the month of March, players can buy the Darkfall client as well as three months of playtime for $59.99 (€49.99 For European players.) Existing players aren't left out -- the 6 month -30% subscription offer has been extended through the end of March, so you can still get in on that as well.

The game can be ordered through the Darkfall site.

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