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Ideum unveils new and improved MT-50 multitouch table


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Ideum's original MT2 multitouch table was certainly impressive enough for early 2009, but the company already followed it up with an updated MT-50 model in August of last year, and it's just now taken the wraps off some further, fairly significant improvements to that model. It's still a DLP projector-based system with a 50-inch screen, but the PC at the heart of the table has been upgraded to a quad-core rig with GeForce GTX 285 graphics and, just as importantly, the number of points-of-touch has been increased to sixty, making it an even more attractive option for places like museums. As before, the table also boasts a nigh indestructible tempered glass surface, which has definitely been put to the test. See for yourself in the video after the break.

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