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iPad to hit stores on Friday, March 26th?


The Examiner is reporting that the iPad will go on sale in the US on Friday, March 26th. They cite "inside sources" with confirmation from an Apple Store manager in Southern California who wishes not to be identified. Daryl Deino, the post's author, claims that internal Apple Retail training will begin on March 10 with commercials starting on March 15. The commercials will emphasize the iPad's ebooks and iBookstore capability.

While Deino states that his sources say the March 26th date hasn't been officially set and is only "very likely" it would allow Apple to hit their end-of-March shipping goal and follow in the likes of other major Friday launches like the iPhone and iPhone 3GS. Deino's sources also state that the 3G iPads won't go on sale until April or May and that people who line up for the WiFi iPad will receive a "special gift."

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