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The Classifieds: The littlest achiever


The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on guild happenings, raid progression rankings, player milestones and more. Have guild news or a Random Act of Uberness to share? E-mail

We're always tickled when we run across a player who's found a new way to play the game. Check out the progress, then, of young Femortality on EU Blade's Edge. The wee level 1 blood elf paladin is so young that she doesn't even merit an Armory listing, yet she's already earned a whopping 1,500 achievement points. The offspring of experienced player Nylou, Femortality has permanently blocked her XP while she slaves away over her hot achievements.

Femortality's fervor was forged on a now-deleted character that she once hoped would become the lowest level character to hold the title The Explorer. "Once I got my title, I felt the thrill of doing something hard at an extremely low level, and it (was) addictive," Femortality admits. "So I decided to move on and get any achievement I can get without leveling up. I don't know how many achievements I can get in total. I do know that I want them all and that over 2,000 are possible. I am sure this character will never, ever level up." This may be the strangest toast ever, but ... Here's to never hearing that glorious ding!

There's bigger (much bigger) news in the progression category this week, as <Paragon> pops off a world-first hard-mode Lich King kill in 10-man mode. Let's crack open The Classifieds ...

Around the World of Warcraft

Discount for standup comedy If you happen to be in the San Francisco, California, area this weekend, stop by Castagnola's at Fisherman's Wharf to see fellow WoW player and standup comedian Jeff Reitman (featured last year in our 15 Minutes of Fame). Jeff will be performing his nerd comedy show, known as Cross Platform Comedy, this Saturday night (March 6) -- and we've got a special deal on tickets for readers. Hit the ticket link and enter code 4THEWOW for an extra dollar off your ticket.

Happy fourth anniversary to The Risen of US Thorium Brotherhood-H. (And kudos, guys, on an enjoyable video that captures the essence of what looks like a fun group of players!)

Celebrating their own three-year milestone is Divine Alliance (US Mok'Nathal-A). The group is holding a Kara Karma Klear and other special events this week and would like to extend its appreciation to the allied guilds and players who form their extended family. Grats, DA!

Raiding progression

The big news this week is <Paragon>'s (EU Lightning's Blade) kill of the Lich King in 10-man hard mode. They managed this world first with the 5% Icecrown Citadel raid buffs in action. The buff, which boosts player performance and opens up the field for guilds that are still struggling for a foothold in the ice, will undoubtedly push the progression categories forward exponentially. This may be one of the last weeks that a handful or so of guilds hold down top spots in each category.

  • 25-man Progression The three guilds listed at the head of the world's raiding progression have merely shuffled their order this week. They're joined by 15 other guilds who've also snagged 44 points.
  • 25-man Achievements <Wraith> maintains its position at the top of the world's ICC-25 achievers. Behind them this week are <undisputeD> and <Gentlemens Club>.
  • 10-man Progression The floodgates have officially opened, with the number of guilds who are working on the very end of ICC-10 flowing off the Top 100 page. <Paragon> takes top honors with the world's first hard-mode Lich King.
  • 10-man Achievements Top honors this week go to <noxa>, <Nero> and <Gong Show>, the only three guilds to have earned 1,435 achievement points.
  • 10-man Strict Progression It's a four-way tie for top honors in 10-man strict progression this week.
  • 10-man Strict Achievements Pulling ahead of the pack with 1,350 achievement points are the hardworking <From Chaos> and <Vox Immortalis>.

The ICC recruiting rush seems to have died down now that Icecrown's been out long enough for most guilds to map out their goals and the appropriate paths to reach them. All our recruiting requests this week take aim squarely at Icecrown 25-mans.

  • <Knights Templar> US Boulderfist-A is recruiting a boomkin and a shadowpriest.
  • <Aegis Doxa> (link not working, hopefully up by the time this post goes live) of US Elune-A is looking for all classes. (They're currently 7/12 in ICC-10 and 4/12 in ICC-25 via weekly PUG).
  • <Skull Then X> (US Draka-A) seeks more for raids on Su-M-Th from 6:45-10 p.m. server (CST). Loot is distributed by EPGP in 25-man raids and by rolling in 10-man. DPS requirement: 7k DPS on Festergut.
  • <Intrigue> (US Garona-A) seeks a feral druid, demo or destro warlock, ret or prot pally and a shaman, priest and hunter for raiding from 10 p.m.-1 a.m. server time.

Random Acts of Uberness

Hephaestus, US Khadgar-A "In this age of the endless PUG, I know I'm not the only one whose eyes have glazed over at the sight of yet another instance loading screen. We've all tried different things to lighten up the humdrum of running the same instance for the hundredth time. A common tactic is to run the instance as fast as one can, as if in an attempt to make the pain go away as quickly as possible. Other games include running an instance while wielding a fishing pole (intentionally or unintentionally) or while wearing a Lovely Black Dress.

"But my favorite to date happened this last week when I zoned into heroic Halls of Lightning. I paused to glance over my party members and was immediately blinded by a glare of pure gold light, unlike anything I'd seen since my vanilla days. When I inspected the human-sized pillar of brilliance, I discovered that he was our tank ... and he was wearing the entire Lawbringer set -- all eight pieces of the paladin's Tier 1. As a healer, I was flabbergasted ... and excited! Unfortunately (or fortunately, as my common sense has since won out), Hephaestus then commented that while he could tank in that gear, it would hurt like hell, so he switched back to the mind-numbingly dull Northrend colors that we are so used to. But the damage was done -- he had our undivided attention, and for the rest of the run, he proved himself to be a very skilled tank who wasn't afraid to take a few risks while pushing our group only as far as our gear and skill could take us. I tip my Velen's Cowl of Conquest to you, Hephaestus, and I hope to be able to heal for you again!" (Keleili, US Khadgar-A)

The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on player and community news, guild recruiting, progression rankings and more. Have news, guild event screenshots or a Random Act of Uberness to share? E-mail (If you're recruiting or seeking contacts from other players, please include your guild's web site address.)

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