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Apple power adapter foot cozy, by Seymour Burns (video)


Hey, we love innovation and the gumption required to execute on an idea especially when knitting is involved. And the good lorf knows that our tootsies could use some warming up during the marathon sessions we spend at the computer. But while the idea of tucking one of those toasty, Apple laptop power adapters into a "foot cozy" might sound like an ingenious solution to our problem, we're also aware that those little white bricks must be ventilated to function properly. From Apple's own support site:
The power adapter may become very warm during normal use. Always put the power adapter directly into a power outlet or place it on the floor in a well-ventilated location. If you are using your MagSafe adapter in a poorly ventilated area, or if the MagSafe adapter is covered by a blanket or other form of insulation, it may turn itself off in order to prevent damage to the adapter.
Here's the best part: the inventor's name is Rachael Burns... why yes, she just might. Video demonstration after the break.

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