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ESPN used Harlem Globetrotters game to test 3D basketball production


Not all the preparation for ESPN's 3D network is going on at the Innovation Lab, VP of Communications Mike Soltys recently spoke with Sports Media Watch during ESPN the Weekend at Disney and mentioned other tests under way to make sure things get off on the right foot. A recent Globetrotters game in Orlando that aired on ESPN2 served as a test bed for 3D, with production done out of the same truck as the regular broadcast and 3D cameras mounted along with their standard broadcast counterparts. NBA games will be among the "minimum" 85 3D events ESPN airs on the network over the first year and we're pretty sure they were more interested in finding out how to best capture Dwight Howard than Flight Time Lang. As we learned from Sky's recent demo, camera angle is a major part of the 3D soccer experience and to get that right there's a soccer field next to the aforementioned Innovation Lab to work out those details before this summer's World Cup debut. Check the full interview for a few more details plus notes on whether it plans on reacquiring rights to air NHL games and other major and minor recent controversies -- we'll stick to the 3D.

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