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iPhone gets a stainless steel clamshell case, we'll wait for the titanium version

Vlad Savov

You know, for all the praise the iPhone has received in its time, we never thought it looked quite Matrix-y enough. Thankfully, that all-important deficiency has been remedied by a man named Ryan Glasgow up in Portland, who has just started selling the above case to all who care to have one. It's built out of stainless steel on the outside and silicone padding on the inside, with strategically located cutouts for wireless signals and heat emissions to get through. You can flip the front plate open, turning it into a rather outsized clamshell, or you can just talk with the lid closed, it's all up to you. Aluminum and engraving options (how about "my other phone is a Vertu"?) are also available with each case costing a slightly spendy $95. See more of it in the gallery below.

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