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The Sims explore their 'Ambitions' in latest expansion pack


It's time for EA to announce the latest Sims 3 expansion: Ambitions. Arriving in June, the pack gives players the opportunity to pull the strings of the helpless electronic dolls throughout their careers. No longer safe from Little Susie's megalomania on the job, the Sims will now do their work as a conduit for an ethically ambiguous puppeteer. Although, we doubt it'll ever get to the visceral level of Five Minutes to Kill Yourself.

Ambitions will apparently include a huge variety of jobs, including solving cases as a detective, hunting ghosts as a (wait for it) "ghost hunter," and "leveraging Build and Buy mode" as an architect. The expansion also includes a tattoo system -- so, go ahead and give your teenage Sim that tribal or barbed wire ink they'll regret every time they take a blurred-out shower as an adult.

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