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Ubisoft wheeling out Shaun White Skateboarding


Like this, but on wheels

New board, new surfaces to fall down, same unkempt Olympian. Ubisoft has just announced a new Shaun White game that's all about ... skateboarding? Shaun White Skateboarding is being released on unspecified platforms this holiday season. The Wii seems likely, since the first Shaun White Snowboarding game was such a hit on that platform and the follow-up was a Wii exclusive.

Because we're absolutely tuned in to popular culture, especially extreme sports, we were totally familiar with Shaun White's dual careers in both snowboarding and skateboarding. In case you aren't as well-versed in Mr. White's achievements as we definitely were, Ubisoft notes in the press release that he is "the first athlete to win both gold medals in skateboarding and snowboarding at the Summer and Winter X Games." That's right. They give out medals in the X Games.

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