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Verizon's HTC Incredible spotted again, looking as red-accented as ever

Chris Ziegler

We're missing that crazy contoured back this time around, but otherwise, HTC's so-called Incredible for Verizon is looking as real and ready for action as it ever has in these latest shots leaked over at Phandroid. It's hard to say whether these crimson bits are going to make it to production -- they seem a little too spectacular for a high-end device that Verizon will want to appeal to the masses, but then again, red is Verizon's color, so who knows? We've seen from countless prototypes in the past (Moto's Morrison comes immediately to mind) that they're often given special colors, presumably to identify bandits trying to expose them as anonymously as possible -- and we're tentatively going to say we dig it here. AT&T's gone wacky on us in the past, but is Verizon hip enough to ship a phone this edgy? Release rumors span from March to May at this point, so we'll know within the next couple months what's what.

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