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WoW Moviewatch: ROFLBear Promo


The ROFLBear Promo is a short, promotional video for Myndflame's upcoming ROFLBear series. It's a brief advertisement for their new daily machinima show, to help get the word out that ROFLBear will be starting soon in the spring. In case you've been living under a rock, Myndflame is the mad-scientist machinima house behind the Illegal Danish series. Their work is always funny, creative, and interesting.

ROFLBear is going to be a daily series, with five new episodes each week. This is an incredibly aggressive and ambitious schedule, of course. If each new episode of ROFLBear is as fun as this promo, though, we should probably expect ROFLBear to become a huge, new force in the World of Warcraft community. No one else is offering this kind of daily video content, which would mean Myndflame is once again forging new territory. I'm very excited for the group, and wish them great success in this new effort. It looks great so far.

Take some time and check out the Myndflame site for more information.

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