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Digimon Battle beta registration now open

It seems like just yesterday when players were battling their Digimon against friends, evolving their pets into even more powerful monsters... Thankfully, for those of us who may have gotten older but haven't quite grown up, the Digimon MMO, Digimon Battle, has opened up their beta sign-ups. Who says you can't go back!

In this game you'll start your own tamer based on one of the ones from the series, customizing them as you go. Initially you'll only start out with a choice of three Partner Digimon: Gigimon, Gummymon, and Viximon. The other partner pets -- Yamon, DemiVeemon, Dorimon and Hopmon -- will have to be unlocked by participating in in-game events. From there, it's all about taming other pets and testing your skills against other tamers as you adventure, as well as defeating evil Digimon!

If you're interested in checking it out, be sure to pop by the Digimon Battle site and get signed up. We've also gotten an updated trailer from the last one (although a chunk of it is the same as before) which we tucked behind the break.

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