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Hi-Rez Studios offering sale on Global Agenda

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Usually when we fall in love with a new MMO, the first thing we do is start telling our friends how great it is. Global Agenda, one of the most recent additions to the MMO market, may be one of those games for you. If you've been encouraging your friends to pick it up, Hi-Rez Studios just made the package a lot more attractive.

This weekend only, you can start filling up your shiny new Global Agenda friends list thanks to special discounted pricing. The discount for a single game is pretty generous, but gets even better if you purchase more. It's a great incentive for several friends to purchase the game together: it's always better when you can start a new game with friends, and even better if doing so gets you a great deal on the game. You can order it here, and remember, the deal ends March 8th.

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