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MapleStory pitches leveling rewards

Jef Reahard

Leveling in our favorite MMORPGs can be a controversial topic. Some of us rush to endgame, but just as many enjoy the journey and find the curve to be rewarding in and of itself.

Nexon, publisher of the F2P side-scroller MapleStory, is offering players even more incentive to grind out those levels in the form of their A Perfect Pitch event which kicked off on March 3.

In a nutshell, players will receive a Perfect Pitch for every level achieved during the event time frame (currently slated to wrap up on March 30). Pitches can be traded in with Inkwell in Henesys or at the entrance to the Free Market, and prizes include the Spirit of Rock Chair, which recovers 60 HP and 30 MP every ten seconds, and the Wild Wolf Bandana which offers a number of desirable stat boosts.

Head on over to the A Perfect Pitch announcement post for complete details.

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