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NASCAR director calls Gran Turismo 5 the best NASCAR game to date


It's been nearly two years since EA Sports called it quits on the NASCAR franchise (a little less if you count NASCAR Kart Racing). NASCAR gamers are growing impatient and, for better or for worse, will have to wait for the perpetually-delayed Gran Turismo 5 to get their NASCAR fix.

At the very least, fans can take comfort in knowing that Blake Davidson, managing director of licensed products at NASCAR, has incredible faith in the game. "They're going to do it better than anybody's ever done it before," he stated in a video posted on the PlayStation.Blog. "It's really the next step for us, it's the best depiction of what NASCAR cars are in any driving game to date." Certainly a bold statement, considering NASCAR is just one feature in the racer.

According to Davidson, one of the reasons why NASCAR teamed up with Polyphony Digital is the recommendation of one of the sports most famous racers today. "Dale Earnhardt, Jr. himself actually came to us and said 'you really need to look at Polyphony Digital. They're a great developer, the best in the world at what they do.'"

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