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Star Trek Online launches new forum section, hints at incoming respecs

Eliot Lefebvre

Ever since the implementation of a hard skill cap in the game, Star Trek Online's lack of respecs has been keenly felt by players. With the highly skill-oriented progression arc through the game, it's all too easy to have a few missed points early on translate into big problems further on down the line. Cryptic has hardly been deaf to the player cries for respecs, and it seems that they've (quite wisely) moved them on the priority list ahead of issues such as the game's lack of a death penalty.

The official forums for the game have just launched a new section, dubbed "Engineering Reports," summarizing the development team's focus areas. To no great surprise, the first such report features "respec options" right at the top of the list as a tested feature. According to the mission statement of the reports, features that high on the list are likely just a couple weeks from hitting the live servers... which means that Star Trek Online players likely won't have to wait much longer to fine-tune their character builds. It's a welcome piece of news for the game, and proof that the developers are working hard at shoring up their weaknesses.

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