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Walmart-exclusive Wii bundle includes Wii Sports Resort


Walmart just announced an exclusive Wii bundle, containing both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, as well as the necessary MotionPlus attachment. It'll be available in stores today, and on this Sunday. There's no reason not to pick this one up instead of the normal Wii package: this new bundle sells for the same $199 price!

According to Walmart, it'll only be available "while supplies last," which, given the history of the Wii platform, could be a surprisingly short time.

Update: We were additionally informed by a Walmart representative that the bundle contains "[one] normal Wii console you would purchase -- comes with all the same components -- for $199, except that you're getting Wii Sports Resort (with the packaged Wii MotionPlus)." Still quite a deal!

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