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WoW Moviewatch: Scarlet Toy


Scarlet Toy was Greyfoo's entry into the Rise to Power contest. It tells the story of how Herod came to join the Scarlet Crusade, and what he really thinks about his situation. It's a fairly interesting way of characterizing the weapon-master of the Scarlet Monastery, and I applaud Greyfoo's creation.

According to Greyfoo, the contest rules kept him from busting out many fancy machinima tricks. He picked Herod as the subject of his film because its someone his in-game character could actually impersonate. He created the entire video by using Fraps, which should appeal to the machinima purists out there. He used two accounts to create the film. One character (a rogue) was the "camera" for the film, while the other was the "actor."

Greyfoo does say he felt rushed when it came to songwriting and recording, which might be why some of the audio sounds little grainy to me. However, Greyfoo did a pretty good job with the music. If he gets the chance, I'll be interested to see if he does another recording to clean up whatever issues he had.

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