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ChangeWave: 27% of e-reader buyers wish they'd waited for the iPad

Mel Martin

Some positive news for the iPad: ChangeWave Research says when they surveyed people who already have an e-reader, 27% wish they had waited for an iPad. Now, if someone can work out a Kindle/iPad trade-in program, there's bound to be some money in it.

The survey included 3,171 consumers; it also indicates that for people planning on buying an e-reader in the next 90 days, 40% said they will buy an iPad for that purpose. 48% of those surveyed said they would buy a Kindle, 6% would opt for the Barnes & Noble Nook. Only 1 percent were interested in a Sony Reader.

That kind of dramatic shift in the market is likely to be disruptive if the numbers hold up. The iPad is unlike any device offered to consumers (except for its popular little siblings the iPhone and iPod touch), and usually getting people to buy something new can be tough sledding. Even the iPhone was a direct enhancement of existing cell phones with a much better interface and media features.

The news may not be all rosy for Apple. 1 in 4 potential buyers say they will likely put other Apple purchases on hold because of their iPad purchase.

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