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More homes have a game console than a cable box

Ben Drawbaugh

Think twice before you say that using a game console to watch TV will never go mainstream because according to a survey from the Yankee Group, more people have a gaming console at home than a cable set-top box -- in fact the survey says that 2 percent more households have a game consoles than a set-top box. Now of course any survey that relies on normal people to report what technology they use, is automatically in question, but we do believe that going forward, people with box fatigue would ditch the cable box first. This is a super easy one considering how much more a console can do and in some cases even completely replace the role of the cable box -- we would like to see the Wii and the PS3 join the 360 in the States at pulling double duty like this. The fight for the living room is just beginning, so we'll be keeping a close eye on this one, but considering how crappy most cable boxes are, something has to change to make this a fair fight.

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