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PS3 Bad Company 2 VIP access patch 'hopefully' today; PC issues addressed


SCEA is currently certifying a patch that should allow PlayStation 3 owners of Bad Company 2 to gain access to their VIP content, according to DICE. The patch will "hopefully" go live today in North America, with Europe following "shortly after." Once patched, PS3 players will gain access to Nelson Bay (Rush) and Laguna Alta (Conquest) -- along with the ability to access all future content.

The PS3 isn't the only console having problems. Every platform the game is on has had consistent connectivity issues with BC2 since launch thanks to EA's servers, but the PC version is having significant issues beyond normal network problems. DICE has posted some "temporary solutions for PC gamers" while the developer works on a "permanent solution." Answers to several of those issues can be found on the EA forums. Well, at least it's a great multiplayer game ... when it works.

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