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Entertainment Media Council now seeking charter members


If you haven't already pledged your allegiance to the ESA or the ECA, you might be interested in hearing that the Entertainment Media Council -- a group of game industry professionals whose mission is to "transform the way the game is played and advance the industry to the next level" -- has just announced its Charter Membership Program. The EMC is apparently looking for "businesses whose leaders believe in our mission" and promises "lifetime recognition and lifetime memberships for key personnel." The real question: Does said "key personnel" also receive a private bathroom? Also, any chance to sign a massive charter document? Please say yes!

Unfortunately, the call for charter members doesn't go into that kind of detail. It does, however, feature a laundry list of expectations of its potential members, including the reduction of "unnecessary and wasteful layoffs" and an intention to "increase the success rate of new firms" -- two things we can certainly get behind. There's a heap more information for, um, you businesses out there interested in joining. Just check out the EMC website for details.

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