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High-speed, medium-format DM40 DSLR puts Mamiya back in the money again

Tim Stevens

The last time we heard from Mamiya it was doing something rather shocking: selling a camera for less than $10k! For a moment we were worried that this medium-format camera company with large-format MSRPs was letting the economy dictate its designs, but its latest entrant quashes those fears, priced at a solid $19,990 ($21,990 if you want the 80mm lens). It's the DM40, a 40 megapixel medium-format body that can manage 60fps frames per minute, making it the fastest in this class of sensor. As per usual for Mamiya it sports CompactFlash storage along with FireWire output for those doing it live from the studio. Bodies are shipping soon, so get ready to sign that mortgage over.

Update: As many commenters pointed out, that's 60 frames per minute, not per second. Still the fastest, believe it or not.

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