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Photo Contest reminder: Show us your plushies


The Spawn got her Wind Rider Cub on Friday and it has since been slept with, rained on and taken for a ride with Barbie. His name is now Lionel and he has become good friends with Murky the Murloc. Together they embark on great adventures and battle the nefarious deeds of the Darth Vader Happy Meal toy. (Don't get me started on the fact that McDonalds believes that Star Wars is for boys and iCarly is for girls. Seriously.)

Have you shown us your plushies yet? We have some really great entries already, but yours could be even better. You have until midnight, March 10th to send us your photos of your Plushie in the Wild and/or Plushie in Captivity. has generously provided the loot codes for the prizes.

All of the contest details are after the break.

Plushies in the Wild
Readers will choose the best three photos depicting a plushie out in nature.

Plushies in Captivity
Readers will choose the best three photos depicting a plushie in captivity or otherwise domesticated.Here are the nitty and the gritty for entering the Plushie Photo Contest:
  • This contest is open to all readers, regardless of where in the world you live.
  • The photo must be of the official Blizzard plushies: The Murlocs, the Gryphon or the Wind Rider.
  • Send your photo to with the subject line of Plushies in The Wild or Plushies in Captivity.
  • Send only one entry per category.
  • Resize your photos to be exactly 1024 pixels wide and no more than 800 pixels tall to make it easier for inclusion in our galleries.
  • Submit your entries before midnight, March 10th in order to be included in the contest.
  • Any pictures submitted after that time may be put in our galleries, but will not be eligible for the prizes.

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