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Vintage Playboy centerfolds grace Mafia II


It appears mobsters aren't the only things getting rubbed out in Mafia II, as 2K Games announces it has signed a license agreement with Playboy magazine for the mob saga. The pictorial publication will have over 50 of its "vintage covers and Centerfolds" inside the game when it eventually releases.

The iconic publication first premiered in 1953, so unless the game, which covers the '40s and '50s, is rewriting history, the Playboy collectibles won't show up until the latter part of the game's story. The magazine apparently won't merely be window dressing either, as players will have the ability to "collect virtual copies of the iconic magazine" -- to read the articles, of course. If you have roommates, we recommend investing in Purell hand wipes. We're not implying anything, simply "safety first." It is still flu season, after all.

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