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Interview with The Secret World's Martin Bruusgaard

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Looking forward to The Secret World? Funcom has been great lately about giving us bits of information to tide us over, and the latest news is no exception. recently chatted with Martin Bruusgaard, Lead Designer for The Secret World.

Bruusgaard delved further into the game, expanding on small details we already know, such as the Lovecraftian influence of the game, and the (slowly) marauding zombies. While Lovecraft, zombies, and Kingsmouth are known elements, things don't stop there. Kingsmouth is just a tiny sample of game regions all around the world that are available to play, and zombies are just the tip of the iceberg: "We've based the population in every region on myths and urban legends in that particular country, which gives us a huge spectrum of scary monstrosities to play with."

Bruusgaard has plenty more to say, both about in-game events and some promotional things we might be able to look forward to. The full interview is well worth a read.

For more news on The Secret World, keep an eye out for our interview with Ragnar Tornquist at GDC this week as well!

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