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RIM tweaking Storm2's SurePress underpinnings, Verizon units getting swapped out

Chris Ziegler

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We hadn't heard that the Storm2's unique piezo-actuated touchscreen was acting up in any statistically significant way, but apparently, there'd been enough with dodgy lower left corners to prompt RIM to do something about it. BerryScoop and BlackBerry Leaks are reporting that Verizon stores have been ordered to return their existing stock in favor of new Storm2s with "silicone actuators" added to "to improve touchpad performance and tactile response," and don't worry, current customers -- it seems you're more than welcome to exchange your old unit for an upgraded one provided you're "experiencing touchpad performance issues" (wink, wink). Unfixed handsets need to be out of stores by March 11, so it looks like you can definitely find the new ones hanging around this week -- let us know if you can tell the difference.

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