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Star Wars Galaxies outlines the road ahead

Eliot Lefebvre

Amidst all the fuss about the new kid in town (or due to arrive in town in a year or so), it's easy to forget sometimes that Star Wars Galaxies has been running for seven years, even with its ups and downs. The game's most recent update brought the Galactic Civil War to the forefront, the ongoing conflict between the Empire and the Rebels forming the centerpiece for large-scale PvP. A recent producer's letter goes into further detail as to what the game can expect for its next major patch, Update 16, which promises to expand the Civil War mechanics as well as adding new tweaks besides.

Region Defense is the next major change to the PvP side of things, allowing guilds and cities to hold regions of space for the Imperials or the Rebels, earning rewards and titles for successful defense of the territory. For players looking for something in a PvE vein, Nym's Theme Park is being revamped and expanded, both for players still leveling up and those at the top of their game. There are also a number of incoming bugfixes and balance tweaks, showing part of why Star Wars Galaxies has endured for so long and shows no sign of dropping.

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