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TGS organizers announce plan to expand for 2010


Attendees of Tokyo Game Show 2010 will have more to see and do -- or, perhaps, more to wish they could see and do while they're in line for a Final Fantasy demo. CESA announced several new additions to the show, which takes place September 16-19.

New segments of the show floor will be devoted to PC hardware, gadgets, and mobile. An International Career Pavilion will help companies recruit foreign talent, and a PC Online Game Business area will "provide opportunities to present and discuss licensing, sales, and partnership regarding PC online games." Also toward the goal of boosting business, TGS will host an Asian Game Business Summit.

Publishers will now be able to sell games in the Merchandise Sales Area, in addition to swag. The Kids' Area will be expanded into a Family Area, with no restrictions on the number of games on display. Some of the additions seem to be focused on promoting Japan in general: tours will now be available for foreign visitors, along with an Asian Culture Hub.

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