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WoW Moviewatch: Raid Eats 2: Cake!


Bullworth is now following up the hit machinima Raid Eats with Raid Eats 2: Cake! He's certainly tipping his hat to other games (and maybe the recent announcement about Portal 2) with his subject matter, as he assures his loyal viewers that the cake is absolutely not a lie.

I actually think the sequel is better than the original Raid Eats. The camera work and storyline seems to flow a little more naturally, and the voice acting feels like it's stepped up a notch. The video is short and fun, and pleasant to watch. It's certainly not high-end story based machinima, but Raid Eats 2: Cake! is a lot of fun.

I like the segmentation and pop-in work Bullworth is doing. He does a lot to add meta-commentary by dragging in recipes from the side of the viewing screen, and I appreciate that extra little emphasis it places on his plot.

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