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LG shows off Cookie Music, Viewty Smile, other goodies to Dutch press

Chris Ziegler

Unwilling or unable to wait for the next major trade show (CTIA in two weeks), LG showed off a king's ransom worth of new devices to a bunch of journos in the Netherlands this week; most of it appears to be pretty low-end fare, but there were a few notables in the lot. First up, the Cookie Music extends the Cookie brand with Dolby Mobile tech on board (something LG's been doing pretty frequently lately), a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a tweaked design that looks a little more futuristic than Cookies of old. Viewty was starting to feel like a forgotten marque, but not so -- we've now got a GT400 Viewty Smile here featuring a 5 megapixel cam and scratch-resistant display. As QWERTY dumbphones go, we'd thought that the GT350 was the KS360's true successor, but not so -- there's a new KS365 in the mix with revised styling but seemingly very little in the way of upgraded specs. The rest of the lot looks like pretty forgettable stuff -- and seeing how LG operates, they'll all be forgotten and replaced with revised models within a few months' time anyhow. You know, Circle of Life and all.

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