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PvP with Blizzard QA tomorrow

Eliah Hecht

Hey North American players, want to PvP with Blizzard's QA staff? They sure seem to have been doing a lot of these lately. Your next chance is tomorrow, Thursday the 11th, on the PTRs, so get your strategies ready. The details:

  • Anasterian realm (but players on Broxigar can participate too by queueing for randoms)
  • 3-11-2010, 4:00 PM PST
  • Queue for a random battleground
  • The Blizz staff will be in the guild 'Blizzard' Horde-side, and the guild 'Blizzard QA' Alliance-side.
Who's going to try their hand against the boys in blue? Get your PTR transfers in now if you haven't already. And yes, I know our dear friend Mr. Street isn't in the QA department, but I just love these Ghostcrawler shops. He's poking Skeletor in the eye, and He-Man in the nostril! So hardcore.

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