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Sony Ericsson X10 unboxed by -- who else -- Sony Ericsson

Chris Ziegler

Guys, guys, look: unboxing is our job. We know it's fun and we know it brings eyeballs to your site, but we think your customers would be better served if you just concentrated on shipping the mighty X10 rather than teasing them with a product they can't yet have. Apparently, Sony Ericsson just took delivery of its first commercial samples of its inaugural Android device, so to kick off the occasion in style, a couple staffers have unboxed them in glorious high definition for us -- both the white and black versions, mind you -- using none other than their own Vivaz to maximize the meta factor. There's not a lot to the video, really (even the captions are disappointingly accurate), but if you're truly desperate for X10 eye candy as you wait for the retail launch, it's worth a gander. Full video after the break.

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