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WD's 320GB My Passport AV external HDD wants to have and hold your media

Darren Murph

Western Digital has played this card before with the strategically named My DVR Expander, but for those who don't realize that an external hard drive is an external hard drive, there's the My Passport AV. For all intents and purposes, this 320GB HDD is nothing more than a standard drive with a fancy marketing scheme following it closely. Oh, sure -- it may work "seamlessly" with Sony's Direct Copy feature on the outfit's range of Handycam camcorders, but outside of that, we don't see anything in particular that makes us long to pay more for something that doesn't really do more than any other 320GB HDD on shelves today. If you're in complete opposition (it's cool... really), it's available to order today for $109.99.

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