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Breakfast Topic: When the love comes back

Matthew Rossi

Lately I am supremely enthused about my shaman. Fist weapons! Zapping things! Windfury! Turning that guy into a frog! That guy is totally a frog! Now he's on fire!

The best thing about the enhancement shaman playstyle I'm working with (designed for five mans and the occasional 10 raid) is working out for myself how to glyph and spec for it. It's admittedly not the most efficient spec, relying on a lot of 3 second Fire Nova blasts in big trash pulls, but it's undeniably fun. Basically, with Maelstrom Weapon and FN, I love the trash mobs in VH or Utgarde Pinnacle. (Edited to correct the mistake I always make.) You go ahead and pull another four mobs, mister tank, I'll just hit Feral Spirit when I pull aggro. Glee! And I love hitting my "This oughta help!" macro and popping Heroism, it makes already fast boss kills go crazy fast. There's something satisfying in turning Cyanigosa into a smear on the floor before she can do that annoying Arcane Vacuum.

It's actually gotten to the point where I have to remind myself to switch over to tank for raids. Oh, if only warriors had Bloodlust. Or could tame shamans or something.

So have you rediscovered the love for an aspect of the game?

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